We help re-imagine companies around value, customer needs
and digital to improve focus, sharpen operating practices and
deliver in-market results. 

We drive value by

  • advising boards and leaders on future readiness

  • building systematic, scaled customer centricity and dynamism

  • giving leaders tools to ensure delivery is aligned to strategy

  • addressing beliefs, values and habits which hold companies back

  • creating the measurement required for 'next gen' business

  • ensuring 'cost reduction' does not become 'value reduction'

  • helping companies deliver more, faster and

  • driving bold, innovative steps to achieve growth.

Nicki is the Managing Director of Innovate & Transform. 

Until 2018 she was Group GM Digital at Fletchers.
She has 2 decades experience in digital innovation
and transformation, across several sectors and countries.

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Simon is the Director of Strategy & consulting and has
driven innovation and transformation for over 30 multi-
nationals over 2 decades. He's co-edited an ISO standard
and led many strategies and outcomes. 

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Please contact us ...

Nicki Raistrick
Managing Director  0220 941 149



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We founded Innovate and Transform to help New Zealand businesses transform to higher maturity 'Next Gen' approaches, driving change through real-life business results, improving how business is run and increasing the value delivered by innovation. 


Our team of experienced innovators and transformers are based in Auckland, New Zealand.